Usage of unix2win:

As mentioned before Unix2Win change the original files. It doesn't make any copies or backups.


unix2win [options] file(s) or file mask.


-r --recurse
The parameter for "file" must be a file mask (*.x). Unix2Win scans recurse all directories and change all files that meets the given file mask.

-w --win2Unix
Converts the files from windows to linux. Per default unix2win converts from linux to windows.

-h --help
Shows the help information of Unix2Win.

The following section shows some example of the usage of unix2win. Unix2Win use currently the verbose mode and shows all files it process.

Convert a sinple file
unix2win test.dat
Convert selected files
unix2win *.h
Convert a set of selected files
unix2win *.cpp *.h *.l *.y
Convert all files in a directory
unix2win *.*
Convert from windows to linux
unix2win -w test.h
Change all h files in the given directory and all subdirectories
unix2win -r *.h \end {description}

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