A "End of Line" Converter for Win32, Linux, mac or dos.

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Welcome to Unix2Win.

Unix2Win is a simple programm that converts unix text files with the line ending sign CR to the windows line ending sign LFCR and vice versa. It can work recurse to directories and can work also with multiple file extension and wildcards like:

unix2win --recurse *.cpp *.h *.lst *.asm.

Unix2Win is currently in the beta state so there might be errors. Since it changes the original files it is a good idea to allways make backups before you run unix2win. The program includes a binary checker that checks every file before it is changed. Suspicious files are nor changed. Nonetheless there could be an error and binary files could be damaged for ever if the are converted. On our test the binary detection algorithm shows siginficant differences between text file (96% probability) and binaries (6% probability). Nonetheless this could fail. You be WARNED now!

Here is a list of highlights:

Unix2Win is distributed under the GNU General Public License and is developed by Carsten Breuer (CarstenBreuer@users.sourceforge.net). Unix2Win was created with software tools from other people. See Credits for more information.

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